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Characteristics of aluminum pipe bending process

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The characteristics of the aluminum pipe bending process. For the pipe fittings that are severely flattened on the outside of the aluminum pipe arc, the compression die (wheel) can be designed into a structure with anti-deformation grooves when performing coreless bends to reduce or eliminate pipe bending. The degree of flattening at the time.

The structure and size of the inverted groove. For the cored bend, when the diameter of the core rod is too small or the wear is serious, the appropriate core rod should be replaced. The unilateral gap between the core rod and the inner wall of the tube should not be greater than 0.5 mm, and at the same time , The advance amount when installing the mandrel should be appropriate. In addition, when installing the mold, it is necessary to ensure that the axis of the pipe groove of each piece is on the same horizontal plane.

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