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Brand-name manufacturer of floor spring door closers

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Floor spring door closer structure: The built-in door top spring is composed of a hydraulic buffer spring installed on the door leaf, a slideway, a slider and a link installed on the door frame. Since the built-in top door closer is installed in the slot of the door leaf and the door frame, it does not affect the appearance of the door when the door is closed. It is suitable for the door of high-end hotel rooms.

The floor spring can not only make the door leaf close automatically, run smoothly, without noise, but also can adjust the speed of the door leaf automatically closes. When the opening angle of the door leaf is less than 90°, the doors and windows can be automatically closed in both directions; when the door leaf is opened to 90°, the door leaf can be fixed. This kind of floor spring is buried in the ground because of the main structure, which can keep the door leaf beautiful. On the doors of higher-level buildings.