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Bathroom glass door handle installation method steps

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On the all-glass door, the glass door should be perforated. The perforation of the glass door is usually done when cutting the glass. The hole used in the glass door handle should be smaller and then slowly enlarged. It is best to loosen the handle when it is installed. Don't be too loose, otherwise, the door handle is not easy to be firm.

2. Glue

Before installing the door handle, to be in the door handle
Apply a proper amount of glass glue around the part that penetrates the glass door.

3. Fixed

Wrap the insertion part of the door handle with soft tape to make it easy to fix the door handle. Then assemble the door handle so that the root of the door handle is tightly attached to the glass and then tighten the fixing screws to ensure that the handle is not loose.

4. Processing

If it is not glass door tempered glass, use a 10mm glass drill bit to measure the whole distance (center to center) of the glass door handle, mark it on the glass door, water the hole, and install it from the outside and screw it inside. Pull the long screw of the handle, do not leave the screw of the handle outside, so that the glass door handle can be removed from the outside.