90 degree aluminum elbow manufacturer,90 degree aluminum elbow customized processing

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90 degree aluminum elbow manufacturer. Two kinds of open-type methods.The use of SolidWorks software for open sample teaching of sheet metal exhibition has been carried out in our school for many years. The example questions in the teaching process are closely integrated with the actual production situation of the factory for practical training, and good results have been achieved. Its quick, simple operation process is very popular among students. Now let's experience the characteristics of two exhibitions of "Rectangular Right Angle Aluminum Elbow Sheet Metal".

Method: Draw the entity first, and then convert it to sheet metal through "Insert Bending".

1. Draw a sketch on the front datum plane, extrude it into a solid body symmetrically on both sides and extract the shell (thickness 1 mm).

2. Cutting the symmetrical plane weld before and after cutting, select "Front view datum plane" to draw the following sketch, and the "Depth" in "Extrusion Removal" is changed to 1mm and "Both sides are symmetrical".

3. Cut diagonally forward and backward welds, select the front surface of the entity to draw the following sketch, and select "through" when "stretching and cutting".

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