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180 degree pipe elbow manufacturing process

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180 degree pipe elbow manufacturing process

①Select the material and cut the material, choose the appropriate steel plate or steel pipe for the elbow, use the template to mark the line with an oxyacetylene flame or a sawing machine, and clearly identify the raw material furnace, batch number, pipe fitting specifications, project name, and serial number.

② Coiling and welding the steel plate.

③Use a crane to load the required mandrel into the pusher, the blank is further cleaned, the inner wall is coated with graphite, and then installed on the push rod (multiple can be installed at a time according to the length of the blank), and the mandrel is locked with an insert plate. The inner mold is preheated to an appropriate temperature for pushing (the heating temperature and the advancing speed should be the best match).

④Adjust the intermediate frequency heating ring to heat the tube to the required temperature and control the advancing speed.

⑤ Buckle bending, correct the radius of curvature of the formed elbow on a hydraulic press with a suitable mold.

⑥ Remove the end, use a suitable mold to align it on the beveling machine according to the specifications of the elbow, then fix the cutting torch, cut off the excess blank, and leave a machining allowance for the car opening.

⑦ Reshape, clamp the elbow with a special mould, and use the support to reshape the port on the press.



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